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Ground Fault Interrupters (GFI): It is a device that measures the amperes (number of electrons) traveling through a circuit and quickly opens (breaks) the circuit if there is a small loss or ground fault to prevent you or your livestock from getting shocked.


Welcome to Sea Creatures! 
We are El Paso's Preferred Saltwater Fish Store since 2002. 
Sea Creature's mission is to help hobbyists succeed at keeping saltwater aquariums.  Sea Creatures's will do this by providing a healthy selection of saltwater specimens, keeping up to date with new and improved filtration technology, and provide the best expertise when it comes to your saltwater aquarium.
Sea Creatures specializes in saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates from all over the world, we work with a variety of suppliers to receive quality and healthy saltwater fish, coral, and invertebrates.
Here at Sea Creatures we understand the needs of your hobby.
Custom Setup, Installation, and Maintenance are Available, call

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